Scania Delivering Buses To Copenhagen

Scania will be supplying over 100 bio-diesel ready buses to bus operator Arriva in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Bus operator Arriva has once again chosen Scania as a supplier, ordering more than 100 buses for the public transport system in Copenhagen, Denmark. The buses are prepared for biodiesel use.

Scania buses’ good fuel economy, high reliability and passenger comfort influenced Arriva’s choice of supplier. Arriva already has a large fleet of city buses provided by Scania.

Arriva’s order is the result of the largest to-date procurement of bus operations in the Danish capital. Arriva secured two-thirds of the total contract.

The new Scania buses are all OmniLink models and will be delivered in three versions. These include three-axle buses that are 14.6 metres long with a capacity of 107 passengers.

All buses are equipped with Scania’s reliable and economic five-cylinder, nine-litre diesel engine that meets Enhanced Environmentally friendly Vehicle (EEV) requirements. The buses are also prepared to be up to 100% biodiesel reliant. As with other deliveries to Arriva, all new Scania buses are equipped with alcohol interlocks.

Deliveries of the new Scania OmniLink buses begin in the second half of 2011 and will be completed by March 2012.