Fecon Demonstrates Biomass Harvesting

Fecon demonstrated biomass harvesting at the 2nd Annual Southern Utah Biomass Field Day.

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Fecon, Inc. participated in the 2nd Annual Southern Utah Biomass Field Day, held in Beaver, UT, on June 3 and 4, 2011. The field days were designed to generate awareness and provide education about forest health and woody biomass harvesting, processing and handling solutions. Fecon presented its RTC22/500-8 Chipper Forwarder in-woods biomass harvesting equipment, along with Bull Hog mulchers on compact track loaders and PTO tractors. Representatives from the office of Utah’s Governor Herbert, the Bureau of Land Management, the USDA Forest Service, private contractors, land owners and educators were in attendance to share ideas and discuss how Utah’s Pinyon-Juniper forest could play a key role in the state’s master energy plan.

Fecon is proud to support the field days, demonstrating the concept of in-woods chipping and collection at the stump, a process that reduces harvest costs and creates dense chip loads for cost-effective transport. Attendees watched as the eight-wheeled RTC-22 drove to sheared trees, grappled multiple stems up to 18 in. in diameter and fed them through the 500hp chipper, producing a clean, well-sized and uniform chip product. Bull Hog mulchers were demonstrated felling and mulching material as a method of reducing risk of severe wild fire and improving native plant and animal habitat. In the future Fecon expects it will be possible for more acres of the Pinyon-Juniper forest to be improved annually as a result of funds coming from harvested Pinyon-Juniper as a renewable energy resource.