Balqon Brings Medium-Duty Zero Emissions Electric Truck To Market

Balqon Corporation has shipped its first on-road medium-duty zero emissions electric truck.

Balqon Corporation, a developer of electric drive systems, lithium battery systems and medium to heavy-duty electric vehicles, announces the availability of its new Mule M100, a zero-emissions, all-electric on-road truck for use in inner-city deliveries and cargo transportation. The Mule M100 has a top speed of 70 miles per hour and can travel up to 100 miles before having to recharge, making it ideal for daily, short-haul deliveries. The Mule M100 also demonstrates the expansion of Balqon’s product portfolio into the Class 7 on-road market and the versatility of its drive system technology, which is now being applied to buses and trucks.

The Mule M100 was developed using Balqon’s proprietary heavy-duty electric vehicle drive system that includes complete power management, propulsion, and power conversion systems, which makes the Mule M100 more energy efficient than other medium-duty trucks with similar functionality.

“The Mule M100 was designed to address our customers’ needs for a reliable, efficient and durable solution for on-road cargo transportation that expands beyond the heavy-duty, off-highway market,” says Mr. Balwinder Samra, president and CEO of Balqon Corporation. “With fuel prices continuing to rise, we remain committed to continuing our leadership in innovative technologies and developing lower operating cost zero-emissions transportation solutions that are uniquely designed for each customer.”

In addition, the Mule M100 features a 24-foot deck and four ton capacity to accommodate the pickup and delivery of beverages, packages and shipment of cargo for inner city deliveries. The Mule M100 is equipped with an air ride suspension and cab air conditioner providing the operator with all the comforts and ergonomics, but without the engine noise and emissions, of comparable gas or diesel powered trucks. The Mule M100 fully recharges in three hours, allowing customers to increase the vehicle’s range with the opportunity of charging during the day.