Bergstrom and Cummins Crosspoint Announce Collaboration Agreement

Bergstrom has formed a collaborative agreement to license patents on its no-idle NITE technology to Cummins Crosspoint.

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Bergstrom Inc. and Cummins Crosspoint LLC announce they have agreed to collaborate under a technology licensing agreement.

Bergstrom, a global leader in the design and supply of climate systems to the commercial vehicle industry, will license patents on its no-idle NITE technology to Cummins Crosspoint. While this agreement relates primarily to battery-powered APU product technologies, the two companies will also explore additional collaborations relating to technologies, marketing and distribution. 

Cummins Crosspoint recently acquired ClimaCab assets and technology, and will soon begin producing battery-powered no-idle systems using the intellectual property Bergstrom has developed for its successful NITE no-idle product. ClimaCab formerly belonged to California-based Glacier Bay, Inc.

This agreement marks the end of the litigation between Bergstrom and Glacier Bay. As a result of this agreement and Glacier Bay selling its ClimaCab assets and exiting the market for battery powered no-idle HVAC products for vehicles, Bergstrom and Glacier Bay have reached a settlement agreement to dismiss all claims of Bergstrom’s patent infringement lawsuit. 

Bergstrom introduced its battery powered no-idle NITE technology to the truck market in 2003 and has since manufactured more than 30,000 NITE systems.

Cummins Crosspoint, one of Cummins’ 16 North American Distributors, provides service, sales and parts for all Cummins products in a five-state territory that includes all or portions of Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee and West Virginia.

Cummins Crosspoint is a highly-respected company within the industry, and we share many synergies with each other,” says Bill Gordon, VP of Aftermarket and NITE Sales. “We are very excited to partner with Crosspoint to further help drivers all across the world remain comfortable while adhering to anti-idling regulation.”