Case IH Uses Exclusive SCR-Only Technology to Meet Tier 4 Final

Case IH's patented SCR-only technology will enable farmers to meet the 2014 EU Stage IIIB/Tier 4 Final emissions regulations.

Case Ih Exclusive Scr Technology
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Thanks to exclusive, patented Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology, farmers using Case IH equipment will be the only ones to meet the 2014 EU Stage IIIB/Tier 4 Final engine emissions standards using SCR-only technology. “Case IH’s SCR-only technology system is protected by eight patents,” says Leo Bose, Case IH North America Commercial Training Manager. “We work with Fiat Powertrain Technologies' (FPT) proprietary SCR-only system to obtain a very high NOx conversion efficiency. We have used it from the start, so our customers are comfortable with the solution and don’t have to switch or add complexity to get emissions controls to the StageIIIB/Tier 4 Final standards level.”

SCR is an engine exhaust aftertreatment that works outside the engine rather than the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) systems or hybrid systems that combine both EGR and SCR and directly impact engine design and performance. “Case IH SCR-only systems have been found to have a number of benefits besides simplicity and superior emissions reduction: they help reduce the need for oil changes and cut fuel consumption compared to previous-generation emissions systems. These types of changes can make a real, positive economic impact over time,” says David Stark, Case IH North America Sales and Product Trainer. “We have to comply with the new emissions standards, but we also want to deliver long-term value to our customers, and SCR-only engines have allowed us to do that,” he continues.

FPT Industrial is a global leader in diesel engine technology. Since introducing its SCR technology in 2006, the company has delivered more than 240,000 SCR engines that have logged billions of miles around the world. Case IH now has more than 13,000 SCR-only engines at work in North America today, which have logged more than three million hours in the field. “Our operators are giving us high marks all the way around: increased fuel efficiency, ease of operation and superior horsepower make great arguments for staying loyal to Case IH. Our SCR technology is attracting converts, too,” says Stark.

When it comes to horsepower, Case IH engines by FPT feature some of the highest levels of power per cubic liter while maintaining industry-leading fuel efficiency, Stark continues. “When the emissions components from the engine are removed, the engine can breathe and produce high levels of horsepower. There are no emissions components on the engines, which is one reason for the high horsepower levels.”            

“Our customers who have used the Tier 4A systems have been extremely pleased and have had very little to say about the need for Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF),” says Bose. DEF is becoming more widely available as it is now used in both on- and-off-road diesel engines. Widespread use helps make it easier and less expensive to buy over time: DEF can now be found at a number of retail outlets and even on the pump at some fuel stations. 

“SCR-only technology delivers everything the operators need, and it respects the needs of the environment as well. It’s truly a win-win,” concludes Bose.