Komatsu's PC4000 Hydraulic Shovel Provides Reliability and Durability

The PC4000 from Komatsu offers a number of features to keep operators productive in rugged working conditions including advanced hydraulics and large, comfortable operator cab.

Komatsu Pc4000 Loading730 E

Komatsu’s PC4000 hydraulic shovel, with an operating weight between 855,500 and 879,800 lbs. (388 to 399 metric tons) and a bucket capacity of 29 yd3 (22 m³), is designed with the goal of helping mining customers move more material in less time for reduced costs per ton and increased profits. A powerful Komatsu SDA16V160E-2 diesel engine and four circuit advanced “Hydropilot” hydraulics are two of the major improvements to this model. Blending innovative technology and engineering, Komatsu’s PC4000 stands up to the rugged-use of today’s mining applications.

The Komatsu SDA16V160E-2 diesel engine has a rated power of 1,875 hp (1,400 kW). The shovel’s low engine emission levels meet EPA regulations Tier 2 and the time-saving oil management system is fitted as standard on all machines. Electric drive 4.16 kV to 7.2 kV, 50 or 60 Hz, is also available.

Productivity moves more tons per hour

With backhoe break-out force of 250,000 lbs. (1,155 kN) and loading shovel crowd force of 300,000 lbs. (1,330 kN), the Komatsu shovel is designed with the highest digging forces in its class to increases mine productivity. All cylinders are mounted in the shadow of the attachment’s steel structure for component protection. A wide-range of wear packages and buckets are available to suit various densities and applications. Different track shoes can be selected to meet various ground conditions. Komatsu’s PC4000 is recommended for use with trucks ranging from 150 to 240 US tons.

Large cab for operator comfort

The PC4000 features an insulated cab on multiple viscous mounts for reduced noise and vibration. The cab has a deep wide front window with the operator positioned and seated on a multi-adjustable air suspension seat for improved operator comfort and visibility. The cab has A/C climate control with pressurized filtered air ventilation. An optional back up A/C or heater is available.

Advanced hydraulics

The four circuit advanced “Hydropilot” hydraulics on the PC4000 deliver precision control and extended reliability. The single engine is connected to a gearbox driving four identical Komatsu main pumps that draw hydraulic oil from an unpressurized hydraulic tank. The open circuit hydraulic system is fitted with swing out oil coolers and monitored filtration which contributes to enhancement of machine efficiency and operating life over previous versions of the PC4000.

Easy maintenance

The PC4000’s maintenance-friendly design provides quick access to major components for easier maintenance. Access to all major service points are at the machinery’s house level and there is also ground-level access to the hydraulically-powered swing-down service arm with WIGGINS connections.

The PC4000 is equipped with KOMTRAX Plus (former VHMS) technology, which sends machine operating information to a secure website utilizing wireless technology. Without any additional IT expense, data such as operating hours, component trends, machine utilization (including idle time and fuel consumption) and production information are relayed to the web application and made available on-line for analysis. In real time, the KOMTRAX Plus fleet monitoring system monitors machine availability, allows for remote diagnosis of machine issues, and provides a wealth of other information to drive business efficiency. In addition to KOMTRAX Plus, an interface for the connection of the Modular Mining System is incorporated.