Cat MD6240 Rotary Drills are Now Available with Cat Terrain for Improved Drilling Safety and Accuracy

Caterpillar's MD6240 rotary blasthole drills are now available with Cat Terrain, part of the Cat MineStar System, which provides increased drilling safety and accuracy.

Caterpillar Md6240 Rotary Drill
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The Cat MD6240, one of the world’s best-selling rotary blasthole drills, continues a legacy of leadership built and sustained by Bucyrus over a 70-year period. With a bit load force of 24,000 kg (52,900 lbs.) and the ability to drill to depths of 55.5 m (182 ft.), the MD6240 is ideal for high-production drilling in hard- or soft-rock applications. The rotary drill incorporates heavy-duty structures, rugged Cat components, a comfortable cab, convenient service access and many other features that reduce cycle time, improve productivity and lower ownership costs. The machine can now be ordered with Terrain for drilling, a Cat MineStar System capability set that uses advanced guidance technology to improve drilling safety, efficiency and productivity.

Sturdy structures enhance performance and wear life

Structural integrity is a hallmark of the Cat MD6240. The mast, available in 12-meter (13.1-yard) or 15-meter (16.4-yard) heights, features double-cut lacing in high-stress areas to prevent cracking and extend life. It can be raised or lowered with a full pipe rack and full drill string on the rotary head in less than 40 seconds. The A-frame is an integral extension of the mainframe, adding stability and strength. The main rails are heavily cross-braced and reinforced in high-stress areas. Excavator-type undercarriage and three-point oscillating suspension allow the MD6240 to negotiate rugged terrain without transferring excessive torsional forces to the mainframe.

Power group delivers fast cycle times

To optimize drilling efficiency and economics, the MD6240 can be configured with a variety of power groups, each designed to match the demands of specific site and geological conditions. Engine options include the Cat C27 ACERT (US EPA Tier 2 compliant), rated at 597 kW (800 hp) or 652 kW (875 hp) at 2,100 rpm. Also, two different air compressors are available: a standard model with 6.9-bar (100-psi) maximum operating pressure for rotary drilling and an optional compressor that delivers up to 34.5 bar (500 psi) for down-the-hole (DTH) hammer drilling. Both are designed to maximize efficiency by delivering the right amount of bailing air based on hole diameter, depth and material density. Also included in the power group are heavy-duty coolers and a high-efficiency hydraulic system. The components work together as an integrated system to enable top-of-class bit load, optimal penetration rates and fast cycle times.

Fast, safe pipe changes increase efficiency

The MD6240 features a carousel-type pipe changer that permits quick, safe pipe changes from inside the cab. A hydraulically operated breakout wrench and deck wrench help the operator break thread connections quickly and effectively. To accommodate differences in rock consistency, Caterpillar offers a patented hammer-Tricone pipe rack that allows operators to change between Tricone and DTH drilling modes in less than five minutes.

Ergonomic cab improves productivity

Operators work safely and productively in the MD6240 with its FOPS-certified cab, 360-degree visibility, tinted safety glass windows, closed-circuit camera system, heating and air conditioning, and low sound and vibration levels. The work area is spacious and comfortable with a swiveling seat equipped with armrests and a head rest. Ergonomic controls labeled with international ISO symbols enhance ease of operation.

To further improve operator safety and efficiency, the MD6240 can now be ordered with Cat Terrain for drilling, a capability set of the Cat MineStar System. Terrain for drilling keeps operators in the cab, improves drilling accuracy, provides feedback on variations in bench geology, tracks drill and operator productivity, and allows remote, real-time supervision of drilling activity and blast planning.

Serviceable design and Cat dealer support maximize uptime

Maintenance and service can be performed safely and efficiently on the MD6240. Wide walkways on both sides of the drill provide easy access to the power train and other service points. Power group components, including the engine, compressor, air cooler and hydraulic pumps are arranged in-line with access from both sides to enhance serviceability. The stationary rear deck allows convenient access to the mast area and main deck during all drilling modes, including angle drilling.

Cat dealers support the MD6240 with highly skilled service technicians, extensive parts inventories, a large selection of Cat Reman components, equipment management expertise and many other services that increase productivity, boost uptime and lower ownership costs.