Scania Hosting Transport Conference in Brussels to Discuss Sustainable Transport Development

Scania is bringing together public authorities, members of the transport industry and the European Union to discuss sustainable transport development.

At Scania’s transport conference in Brussels on Wednesday, November 14, the transport industry, public authorities and the European Union will gather to discuss sustainable transport development. The participants will include EU Commissioners Connie Hedegaard and Siim Kallas.

The theme of the conference is what can be done and what is required to reduce CO2 emissions from the transport sector – here and now, and in the future.

One of the challenges is to combine sustainable development with continued economic growth in the EU member countries, so that the Union’s international competitiveness can be strengthened and improved.

“Bringing a broader perspective to these challenges is critical. Traditionally, there has been a sharp division between vehicle suppliers, transport operators and transport buyers. Through the Brussels conference, Scania would like to help build relationships among all the actors in the value chain as well as with political decision-makers and the whole society we serve,” says Scania’s President and CEO Martin Lundstedt.

Irish truck driver Gabriel Warde is one of the specially invited guests at the conference. He won the final of the Scania Young European Truck Driver Competition 2012 and will be honored for his achievement at a special award ceremony. The competition brought together 17,000 young truck drivers from 24 European countries.

Scania’s high-level conference has been a recurring element of the Brussels meeting agenda since the late 1990s and usually brings together between 200 and 300 participants.