Omnitek Engineering receives order for natural gas systems for buses

Omnitek Engineering has received an order for its natural gas engine management technology that will operate 6.6 liter engines in buses in Mexico.

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Omnitek Engineering Corp. announces it has received a follow-on order for the company’s proprietary natural gas engine management technology and components for a system designed to operate new 6.6 liter engines manufactured by Arizona-based U.R.E., representing an aggregate 40 units to date that will power buses in Querétaro, Mexico manufactured by Master Road, based in Puebla, Mexico. The company expects to receive additional orders for natural gas systems as bus production ramps up. Additional terms were not disclosed.

The state government of Querétaro and the federal government of Mexico have allocated approximately 15 million pesos each to support the purchase and operation of 150 new natural gas buses and 250 taxis within the state of Querétaro, Mexico.

“Mexico is committed to supporting technologies that reduce environmental pollution and utilize inexpensive natural gas, and we are gratified that one of its country’s leading bus manufacturers has selected a natural gas engine that incorporates Omnitek’s technology. We anticipate sales of our diesel-to-natural gas engine conversion kits and natural gas engines will accelerate in 2014, supported by expressed interest by domestic fleets and our ability to showcase and demonstrate the economical and effective utilization of the company’s technology by current and anticipated large customers in the USA, Europe, Asia and Latin American countries like Mexico,” says Werner Funk, President and Chief Executive Officer of Omnitek Engineering Corp.