Odyne exhibits plug-in hybrid systems on early DOE award trucks at EUFMC 2014

During EUFMC 2014 Odyne exhibited the first trucks featuring its plug-in hybrid system which the company will be delivering as part of a $45.5 million DOE award.

Odyne Systems, LLC, a leading manufacturer of hybrid systems for medium- and heavy-duty work trucks and winner of the NTEA 2013 Green Truck Award, showcased its advanced plug-in hybrid propulsion system at the Electric Utility Fleet Manager’s Conference (EUFMC) in Williamsburg, VA June 1 to 4. The company spotlighted two of the first trucks being delivered as part of a $45.4 million U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) funded project that includes an 
award for over 120 Odyne hybrid system equipped trucks. Attendees learned about the significant fuel savings and emission reductions of the plug-in hybrid vehicles while also hearing the quiet stationary operation of the truck mounted equipment and hybrid system. 
Joe Dalum, Odyne President and CEO, noted following the product drive-by session Monday, “The Odyne hybrid system helps reduce fuel consumption and emissions while allowing large trucks to operate quietly at a work site. Unlike idle reduction systems limited to providing jobsite energy, the Odyne 
system improves fuel efficiency during both driving and stationary operations, while also allowing eligible fleets to obtain EPAct credits. Allison Transmission, Inc. has globally endorsed the use of 3000 and 4000 Series transmissions with the Odyne hybrid system as the exclusively-approved PTO-based hybrid system. The Odyne system helps vehicles to accelerate and use the advantages of the robust Allison transmission. Odyne has introduced new smart charging to interface with smart grid infrastructure, new 6 kW export power expandable to 18 kW or higher to help replace truck mounted generators, and Odyne provides fleets with greater flexibility by allowing the use of one hybrid system for a wide variety of equipment and truck chassis. 2014 is an exciting year for Odyne and customers throughout the country as Odyne builds and delivers over 120 plug-in hybrid systems for trucks under a 
Department of Energy Award being administered by the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD), with support from EPRI, the Electric Power Research Institute.” 
The Odyne system interfaces with Allison Transmission’s industry leading fully-automatic transmissions and uses a rugged Remy electric motor in parallel with the existing drivetrain to provide launch assist and regenerative braking. At the job site, the Odyne hybrid plug-in battery system, featuring Johnson Controls’ lithium-ion battery packs, powers typical work site applications with the engine off for a significantly longer time than other commercially available large truck hybrid systems.