Proterra gains new customers through FTA grant program

Proterra will deliver EV buses and charging stations to six of the grant winners announced in the FTA's recent funding program for low and no emissions buses.

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Proterra announces that six of the 10 recent Federal Transit Administration (FTA) 5312 grant winners will use their funds to purchase Proterra EV buses and charging stations. This grant funding will result in the sale of 28 additional battery-electric buses and seven fast-charge stations, bringing Proterra’s total number of orders to 97 buses from 14 different transit agencies in North America.

Proterra welcomes three new customers receiving grants, including: Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART), Dallas, TX, which will receive seven buses and two chargers; Duluth Transit Authority (DTA), Duluth, MN, which will receive six buses and one charger; and Transit Authority of Lexington (LEXTRANS), Lexington, KY, which will receive five buses and one charger.

Current Proterra customers receiving grants include: San Joaquin Regional Transit District (RTD), Stockton, CA, which will receive five buses and one charger; Transit Authority of River City (TARC), Louisville, KY, which will receive five buses and one charger; and Worcester Regional Transit Authority (WRTA), Worcester, MA, which will receive one charger. RTD, TARC and WRTA already have Proterra buses in daily revenue service and have chosen to expand the electrification of their fleets based on these buses’ strong performance. Delivery of the new buses is expected to begin in early 2016.

“We are extremely pleased with the growing number of U.S. cities that have selected Proterra as their partner in eliminating fossil fuels from their transit operations. This announcement further strengthens Proterra’s EV market leadership,” says Proterra Vice President of Sales, Matt Horton. “We also applaud the strong leadership of the Federal Transit Administration in continuing to support American innovation.”

Part of the FTA’s Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users SAFETEA-LU program, 5312 grant funds are used to promote the development and demonstration of energy efficient buses used in public transportation.

To date, Proterra buses have logged more than 900,000 miles in revenue service in cities across the U.S.  Proterra bus customers report excellent return on investment, significantly better performance than diesel buses and improved rider and community feedback. Existing Proterra customers include: San Joaquin Regional Transit District in Stockton, CA; Star Metro in Tallahassee, FL; Washoe Regional Transit District in Reno, NV; Nashville Metropolitan Transit Authority in Nashville, TN; the City of Seneca/Clemson Area Transit in Seneca, SC; VIA Metropolitan Transit in San Antonio, TX; Foothill Transit in Pomona, CA; King Country Metro in Seattle, WA; TARC in Louisville, KY; WRTA in Worcester, MA; and Transit Windsor in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.