Scania in Record Delivery of Hybrid Vehicles to Norway

Scania will deliver 140 buses to the city of Kristiansand, with 70 of them operating on hybrid technology, making it Scania's largest single delivery of hybrid vehicles to date.


Scania is to deliver 140 buses for public transport in Kristiansand, south-west of the Norwegian capital Oslo. The delivery includes Scania Fleet Care, a service in which Scania takes full responsibility for repair and maintenance of the fleet. All of the buses can run on biodiesel and 70 of them have hybrid technology, making it Scania’s largest single delivery of hybrid vehicles to date. 

“This is an example of Scania’s wide range of sustainable transport solutions,” says Karin Rådström, Senior Vice President and head of Buses and Coaches at Scania. “We’re not focusing on one solution, but many, which has helped us to fulfil the customer’s requirements.”

The delivery includes Scania Citywide LE Suburban Hybrid, Scania Citywide LE Suburban and Scania Higer A30 buses, each in a range of specifications. All buses can run on biodiesel. The buses will go into service in July 2018 and will be operated by transport company Boreal Buss, on behalf of the public transport operator Agder Kollektivtrafikk. Boreal Buss already operates 170 Scania buses in Norway.

The deal also includes a 7-year contract for Scania’s repair and maintenance program Fleet Care. Fleet Care improves total fleet utilization, provides better cost control and can also have a positive impact on cash flow. Scania’s engineers and technicians continuously diagnose and plan preventive action, thereby minimizing disruptions in the transport flow.

In addition to being Scania’s biggest order for hybrid buses yet, the order is also Norsk Scania’s biggest bus order yet. Norsk Scania, Scania’s subsidiary in Norway, has 45 service points across the country. The company employs some 1,000 people, mainly in the service business.