Movin’On Set to Return to Montreal in 2018

Michelin's Movin'On sustainable mobility summit will take place once again in 2018 in Montreal.


The first edition of Movin’On, Michelin’s international summit on sustainable mobility, was a resounding success. This creative and immersive event, which kicked off on June 13, will have brought together more than 4,000 participants from over 31 countries including scientists, entrepreneurs, visionaries and creatives. With the event’s overarching theme, From Ambition to Action, Movin’On achieved its ultimate goal – to share knowledge, exchange on future perspectives and explore collaborative paths in an effort to help propel sustainable mobility to new heights.

On June 15, Jean Dominique Senard, President of Michelin,  announced that Movin’On would be returning to Montreal in 2018. This news is a testament to the dynamic and innovative character of the city. To build on the success of the first edition and further develop the elements that are at the heart of the Movin’On event, the 2018 edition will bring back, namely, conferences by industry experts and inspirational leaders, collaborative initiatives boasting innovative methodologies, as well as immersive activities relating to sustainable mobility.

“As organizing partner, C2 set the stage that brought together the biggest players and notable innovators in sustainable mobility from here and around the world. The Movin’On experience gave participants the opportunity to discover and share with others, while providing the platform to move directly from ambition to action and create meaningful collaborations. As we look ahead to the future with great optimism, we’re excited at the prospect of building on the success of this first edition and forging a long term partnership that will drive the progress of sustainable mobility’s ecosystem,” says Richard St-Pierre, President of C2 International.

"Michelin, leader in sustainable mobility, completely reinvents the worldwide summit that for 20 years now has mobilized the key players in sustainable mobility," stated Jean-Dominique Senard, President of Michelin.

Movin’On in numbers:

  • Over 4,000 participants from 31 countries
  • 40 startups and 105 partners including universities, research institutes and governments
  • 80 speakers
  • 48 workshops and masterclasses
  • 21 innovative vehicles in the Ride & Drive