Two Bendix solenoid valves surpass one million unit production milestone

Bendix's SMS-9700 Accessory Solenoid Valve and FCS-9700 Fan Clutch Solenoid Valve have surpassed the one million unit production milestone.

SMS-9700 Accessory Solenoid Valve
SMS-9700 Accessory Solenoid Valve

Production of two high-performing solenoid valves from Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC has surpassed one million units just three years after launch. The Bendix SMS-9700 Accessory Solenoid Valve and the Bendix FCS-9700 Fan Clutch Solenoid Valve effectively and efficiently address the electronic control of vehicle air functions not associated with the braking system. The SMS-9700 was introduced in May 2012 and the FCS-9700 five months later.

As a pioneer in cutting-edge solenoid valve development, beginning with the market’s first antilock braking system in the 1970s, Bendix is the choice for a growing number of fleets and original equipment manufacturers (OEs) as use of air management technology expands. Today’s commercial vehicle solenoids are capable of managing more than a dozen accessories, such as fifth wheel slide locks, air bag transfer systems, lift axles, air horns, and wheel differential locks.

PACCAR and Daimler Trucks North America are among the OEs equipping these Bendix solenoid valves, engineered to manage medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicle accessories, with other OEs slated for launch later in 2015.

“Across a wide range of commercial vehicle applications and working conditions, we’ve seen a rapidly growing need for customizable and light but robust low-flow solenoid solutions,” says Rebecca Carter, Bendix Product Manager – Specialty Valves. “Bendix not only offers decades of solenoid valve expertise, but the flexibility of an ordering system based on Bendix solenoid valve features rather than part numbers. This means we can provide smooth, fast customization based on vehicle configurations and operations requirements.”

Both the Bendix SMS-9700 and the Bendix FCS-9700 feature a streamlined package design that makes them approximately 30% lighter and 20% smaller than comparable models. This allows for more efficient air systems control, since they take up less mounting space in locations such as the frame rail or cross members, and reduce overall vehicle weight. Engineered to protect against moisture and corrosion, the valves help protect investment in today’s air system technologies, and maintain optimum performance and value.

The FCS-9700 is also capable of withstanding higher temperatures, making it suitable for mounting inside the engine compartment.

Bendix offers the SMS-9700 and the FCS-9700 in 12V or 24V designs, and in both Normally Open and Normally Closed configurations, which helps meet a variety of OE and fleet needs.

The manifold interlocking design of the Bendix SMS-9700 enables the valve to be customized for management of as many as 16 accessories, and its design flexibility with stackable build capability allows body builders to manage their own unique accessory requirements. For special situations requiring a vehicle to maintain an accessory’s state during an electrical power loss, the Bendix SMS-9700 can also handle latching solenoid configurations.

The Bendix SMS-9700 Accessory Solenoid Valve and Bendix FCS-9700 Fan Clutch Solenoid Valve are produced at the company’s Acuña, Mexico, manufacturing facility. They are part of Bendix’s ever-growing portfolio of technology developments that deliver on areas critical to fleets’ success: safety, product performance, value and post-sales support.