Complete Bendix Wheel-End Package Available on International Trucks and Buses

International is now offering a full wheel-end portfolio from Bendix, which includes the ADB22X air disc brake and EverSure Spring Brake, on several of its medium- and heavy-duty trucks and IC brand buses.

A full wheel-end portfolio from Bendix—consisting of the Bendix ADB22X air disc brake, Bendix EverSure Spring Brake, Bendix Versajust LS Slack Adjuster, and Bendix foundation drum brakes—is now available on a range of International Trucks’ medium- and heavy-duty trucks and IC-branded buses.

Leading off the Bendix bundle lineup, customers can improve their stopping power by spec’ing Bendix ADB22X air disc brakes as an option on all Class 6-8 platforms where air disc brake technology is available; or by taking advantage of the proven performance of Bendix foundation drum brakes, an option on all Class 5-8 air-braked vehicle platforms. New as an option on International’s entire lineup of Class 5-8 air-braked tractor, truck, and bus platforms is the Versajust Slack Adjuster, with the EverSure spring brake standard on the same vehicle set.

By making the component bundle available, International Trucks is enabling fleets and owner-operators to gain the significant benefits of a complete wheel-end package designed by a single provider for optimal performance.

“At Navistar, our customer focus is what drives us. It’s why we now offer the opportunity to choose the full menu of Bendix braking components – because, in doing so, our customers will experience the performance, safety, and efficiency benefits of wheel-end components engineered to work as a unit,” says Jeff Sass, Senior Vice President, Trucks and Parts, International Trucks. “A product development process that considers how each component operates as part of the wheel-end package translates into significant value.”

“Navistar is making it possible for fleets and owner-operators to realize the value of a comprehensive wheel-end package engineered by a single provider. They know they’re getting Bendix components that have been designed, developed, validated, and certified together to optimize their performance,” says Scott Burkhart, Bendix Vice President – Sales, Marketing, and Business Development. “Combine that with the uptime benefits of being able to turn to one OE post-sales support team for their entire wheel-end, and the advantages become even clearer. Whether a fleet opts for individual components or the entire Bendix bundle on their vehicles, one thing is certain – they are receiving the performance and value on which the Bendix name is built.”

Bendix Spicer Foundation Brake LLC (BSFB) produces Bendix wheel-end technologies. BSFB is a joint venture between Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC and Dana Commercial Vehicle Products, LLC.

The Bendix component package now available at Navistar starts with foundation brakes and also includes chambers and automatic slack adjusters.

Air Disc Brakes – Stopping Power and Extended Life

The Bendix ADB22X air disc brake, which accounts for more than 90% of the North American Class 6-8 wheel-ends outfitted with air disc brakes, features a lightweight design that significantly reduces stopping distance and extends brake system life.

Air disc brakes offer the advantages of quicker pad replacement and longer brake lining life, leading to greater uptime and lower maintenance costs; car-like feel and straight, stable stops; and greater reliability due to virtually no brake fade or degradation of stopping power. Air disc brakes also include an internal self-adjustment mechanism that can help lower the risk of brakes being found out of adjustment during inspection, which can affect Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) scoring. All this adds up to improving performance and helping to lower a fleet’s total cost of ownership.

According to Burkhart, BSFB has produced nearly 1.5 million of its ADB22X air disc brakes, a real indicator of the technology’s popularity and value for fleets of all sizes and vocations. “With that many units reliably on the road, it’s easy to see why Bendix is the proven leader in braking technologies and a name you can trust,” Burkhart states. 

Foundation Drum Brakes – Engineered for Performance

Bendix foundation drum brakes are available in multiple North American Class 5-8 International models to meet a wide variety of applications. BSFB is the only brake manufacturer to offer both single and double anchor pin foundation drum brakes to the original equipment market. Single anchor pin brakes are available on trucks, tractors, and trailers, while double anchor pin brakes are available for trailers and vehicles serving specialty applications.

The brakes are engineered for improved stopping power and resistance to brake fade. Bendix ES (Extended Service) drum brakes feature bronze bushings, precision camshafts, lower fade lining formulations, and in some cases, structural reinforcements to manage higher braking loads. Bendix’s OE E-coat process offers improved corrosion protection to help prevent rust jacking.

In combination with wide-brake packages, Bendix ES brakes typically extend the brake life of highway tractor trailers by more than 60%, eliminating a significant number of brake relines and improving cost-per-mile.

Chambers – Importance of the Power Spring

Coatings applied by most spring brake suppliers provide some level of protection against contamination and corrosion, but the durability of these coatings can be compromised by designs that bring the spring coils in contact with each other during compression. This “coil clash” can wear away the coating, exposing the bare spring and leaving it more prone to corroding or breaking.

The design of the Bendix EverSure No Touch Power Spring virtually eliminates coil clash, protecting the premium epoxy coating used on all Bendix power springs and improving corrosion resistance. This results in a longer-lasting product, fewer repairs, less downtime, and lower fleet operating costs.

EverSure is also engineered with a greater power spring shut height, reducing stresses on the spring and allowing it to better maintain its force output over time. Additionally, the brake’s weight – up to 8 lbs. less per tandem axle than most comparable designs – offers the potential for increased payload and improved fuel efficiency.

Slack Adjusters – Precision Adjustments

The Bendix Versajust LS Slack Adjuster with the WearMax Clutch can extend lining life by up to 16% and brake drum life by up to 30%, while improving safety and compliance. Versajust introduced key enhancements to automatic slack adjuster technology with its WearMax clutch, which allows for a gradual, continuous, and more precise adjustment of the running clearance between the brake shoe and drum.

This tighter running clearance provides the maximum brake chamber reserve stroke while creating a quicker response time for brake application. At the same time, Versajust avoids the problem of dragging brakes, which can occur in slack adjusters that adjust prematurely as the drum heats and expands during normal braking. When the drum cools down, that running clearance is reduced – or even eliminated – which can result in a dragging brake, higher brake temperatures, and accelerated wear.

The Versajust slack adjuster also features patented bronze friction rings, increased corrosion resistance, and a stronger seal to provide durability across a range of environments and duty cycles. It is engineered for easy installation and maintenance without the need for special tools, attachments, templates, or brackets.

“Bendix is honored by Navistar’s selection of our full family of wheel-end products, and we’re proud to share their commitment to providing vehicles equipped with leading-edge safety technology,” Burkhart says. “The long-term benefits of these proven components have been reflected in years of continuously increasing demand across a variety of applications, and their innovation and durability are well recognized.”

Bendix’s complete lineup of wheel-end solutions delivers on safety, reliability, and stopping power, plus other areas critical to fleets’ success. By improving vehicle performance and efficiency, and providing thorough post-sales support, BSFB helps the industry strengthen return on investment in technologies that make North American roads safer for everyone.