NMV Engine-Dependent PTO

The ZF NMV engine-dependent PTO is designed for use with ZF's AS Tronic and AS Tronic mid transmission systems.

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ZF introduces its engine-dependent PTO, known as NMV (German abbreviation for "Nebenabtrieb motorabhängig vorgebaut"), which is installed between the transmission and engine.

  • Modular design enables combination with AS Tronic and AS Tronic mid automatic and fuel-efficient transmission systems
  • Well suited for commercial vehicles which require very high torques independent of driving speed for their auxiliary power units
  • Provides torques up to 2,000 Nm at one or two power take-off points
  • Features own cooling circuit
  • Turns with the engine speed, irrespective of whether the clutch is closed or open
  • SAE interface enables mounting to all common commercial vehicle diesel engines
  • Reduces setup time 
  • Separate oil and cooling circuit enable longer operating times
  • Torsional vibration damper balances shocks caused by irregular rotation of the crankshaft at engine output
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