RO 111/211 Remote Over Center PTO

Twin Disc's RO 111/211 "Remote Over Center" PTO can be engaged and disengaged remotely via a control valve or electronic control.

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Twin Disc introduces its RO 111/211 "Remote Over Center" PTO which leverages a patent-pending design to remotely engage the over-center mechanism in the Twin Disc SP 111/211 PTO.

  • Can be engaged and disengaged remotely via a control valve and/or electronic control when complex machinery configurations or location hinder easy access to activation
  • Hydraulic or pneumatic actuation is achieved through ports, making access to the fittings uncomplicated and straightforward
  • Hydraulic or pneumatic pressure is required only to engage or disengage
  • Fluid or air supply can be shut off when not needed
  • Elimination of constant hydraulic or pneumatic flow improves efficiency
  • Dimensionally identical to Twin Disc's current mechanical SP 111/211
  • Utilizes one 11 in. friction plate in the 111 and two plates in the 211
  • Existing SPs may be field converted to an RO using kits available from the company
  • Allows for side load and inline applications
  • Does not require external cooling, filtration or a rotary union 
  • Suitable for use in a wide range of industrial applications including agriculture, construction, manufacturing, marine, mining and timber


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