Muncie Power TG Series PTO

Muncie Power's TG Series PTO features a die-cast aluminum housing to reduce weight and noise.

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Muncie Power Products Inc. delivers proven versatility to the truck equipment and other fluid power markets with its TG Series power take-off (PTO).

  • Available with 10 speed ratios, 19 shift types, 19 output shaft options and 78 input gears for all popular transmissions
  • Can be configured to meet speed, torque and horsepower requirements of most applications
  • Provides electric/hydraulic shift option, eliminating need for shift cables
  • Die-cast aluminum housing reduces weight and noise with superior heat dissipation
  • Features six- or eight-bolt housing for simplified installation and modular design for easier repair
  • Constant mesh input gear isolates transmission from engagement errors
  • Compact size minimizes mounting interference with rotatable hydraulic flanges for maximum pump clearance
  • Extra large shift cover opening allows easy access to check backlash




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