INA -D Machined Needle Roller Bearings

The INA -D needle roller bearings have a profiled steel cage that allows the number of needle rollers and their length to be increased while maintaining the same bearing dimensions.

Schaeffler Rgb

INA's -D needle roller bearings in X-life quality from Schaeffler feature a profiled steel cage produced by optimized forming methods that allows a significantly higher load carrying capacity to be achieved.

  • Cage enables number of needle rollers and needle roller length to be increased while maintaining the same bearing dimensions
  • Higher number of rolling elements and their increased load-bearing length increases load ratings of bearing up to 25%
  • Bearings installed in the same mounting space can be subjected to significantly higher loads
  • Opens up new design options for downsizin while maintaining the same performance
  • If used for downsizing, the section height is reduced by 15%, weight by 20% and friction by 30% while maintaining the same load carrying capacity



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