Docol 1400 MZE Ultra High Strength, Electro Galvanized Steel

SSAB's Docol 1400 MZE is an ultra high strength, electro galvanized steel designed to help OEMs improve the safety and cost efficiency of their designs.

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SSAB has released the next generation of its Ultra High Strength Docol MZE steels, Docol 1400 MZE, which features an electro galvanized coating.

  • Provides manufactures with a way to take safety, innovation and cost efficiency to a new level
  • Stronger, safer and lighter 
  • Comes with a highly corrosion resistant electro galvanized coating that stands the test of time
  • Developed in a tightly controlled process that ensures consistent, high-quality steel
  • Combines ultra high strength and formability, weldability and consistent mechanical properties
  • Allows applications to obtain high crash performance while ensuring complete resistance to hydrogen embrittlement
  • Requires less energy for trimming processes beacuse it's a cold forming steel, allowing for cost savings
  • Unique strength and technical properties enable amount necessary for manufacturing to be reduced by utilizing thinner dimensions
  • Can be welded using all standard methods due to lean chemical composition, while complex shapes can also be formed using both stamping and roll forming techniques
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