Abrazo Abrasion-Resistant Steel

Tata Steel's Abrazo abrasion-resistant steel offers guaranteed toughness grades to ensure durability in extreme environments.

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Tata Steel introduces its abrasion-resistant steel Abrazo, which is well suited for buckets and cutting edges, truck body linings, mining armoured face conveyors, chutes, hoppers and conveyor parts. 

  • Roller-quenched steel
  • Available in 400, 450 and 500 BHN wear-plate grades
  • Features guaranteed toughness grades for applications that need an abrasion-resistant steel plate for use in extreme environments
  • 400 and 450 grade plates offer high-impact toughness at temperatures down to -40 C
  • Finished plate width can be up to 3,200 mm, enabling larger components to be produced in one piece and manufacturing processes such as nesting to be further optimized
  • Wide range of stamping and marking options are available, including new automatic stamping, leading to product traceability
  • Final plate products can be supplied in the as-processed, shotblasted and primed conditions, as required by the customer


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