Purmelt R-200F+ adhesive

Henkel offers a new urethane hot melt adhesive.

Rv 10161769

To reduce distortion of FRP panels exposed to direct sunlight, Henkel Corp. offers a new urethane hot melt adhesive formulated to withstand high temperatures in excess of 200 F, Purmelt R-200F+. 

  • Suitable for roll coating processes
  • Developed to allow RV manufacturers to create graphics and paint schemes without straining fiberglass-reinforced plastic substrates on exposure to sunlight
  • Long-term testing shows no distortion on panels after 40 hours exposure at 200 F
  • Exposed to 250 F heat, panels took five times longer to distort than control panels made with standard polyurethane adhesives
  • Drop-in replacement for PUR adhesive


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