FZ Anti-Vibration Mounts

AMC Mecanocaucho's FZ anti-vibration mounts feature Sylomer polyurethane compounds which assist the mounts in their vibration damping.

Amcmecanocaucho Fzmount 10941406

The AMC MECANOCAUCHO FZ mounts use high resiliency Sylomer polyurethane compounds for increased vibration resistance.

  • Internal architecture of the mount is composed of two metal parts surrounded by the Sylomer polyurethane compound
  • Exterior metallic armor incorporates four fixation holes for the fixation of the mount to the frame
  • Interior metal part has a machined metal ring that transfers the traction and compression loads to the elastomer
  • Machined metal ring has a wider diameter than the exterior metal armor acting as a failsafe device
  • Features interlocking metal component limits ascending vertical movement when the mounting is submitted to shocks at traction
  • Thickness of the metal parts offer robustness and makes suitable for off-road applications
  • Metal parts have a suitable anticorrosive treatment for outdoor applications
  • Sylomer polyurethane compound is oil resistant
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