Makrolon HV Polycarbonate Sheet

The Makrolon HV polycarbonate sheet from Bayer MaterialScience was durably designed to withstand harsh operating conditions.

Bayermaterialscience Makrolonh 11419837

Makrolon HV polycarbonate sheet from Bayer MaterialScience was developed specifically for high optics and durability in heavy equipment.

  • Withstands routine impact and abrasion from tree limbs, rocks, mud and other debris 
  • State-of-the-art production and in-line inspection technologies result in clear, low distortion glazing that gives operators excellent visual clarity 
  • Protective hard coat surface is resistant to marring from impact, grit, and frequent cleaning
  • Resists UV discoloration from sun exposure
  • Inherently break-resistant 
  • Eliminates need for protective cages often used over laminated glass 
  • Prevents splintering and spider-webbing common with laminated glass that impairs visibility and safe operation
  • Meets DOT/ANSI Z26.1 Item AS-4 
  • Prevents operator exposure to glass splinters and shards from external impacts
  • Coating is resistant to various cleaners and splash contact from gasoline and diesel fuels
  • Can be stored and cut on site to any window configuration 
  • Available in clear, standard, and custom tints 
  • Typical heavy vehicle window applications include construction, forestry, fork lifts, agricultural, mining and utility
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