Elevance Clean 1200 Degreasing and VOC-Exempt Solvent

Elevance Renewable Sciences introduces its Elevance Clean 1200 degreasing solvent which is VOC exempt and made from renewable products.

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Elevance Renewable Sciences Inc. has introduced Elevance Clean 1200, a degreasing and VOC-exempt solvent that outperforms traditional and bio-based solvents for industrial degreasing applications targeted toward heavy manufacturing, transportation maintenance and repair operations (MRO), and industrial food processing.

  • A high-performing, environmentally friendly solvent
  • Produced from natural oils
  • Achieves sustainability goals while improving cleaning performance in various applications 
  • Can be used as a pure solvent, blended with other solvents or emulsified with the addition of surfactants to provide semi-aqueous systems for industrial degreasing applications
  • Used in mechanical and touchless (immersion) cleaning applications is possible
  • Product attributes include outperforming standard degreasing formulations in the market at neutral pH (6-9), eliminating the need for highly caustic cleaning products, demanding and time-consuming personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements, and the need to preserve sensitive metal substrates
  • Surpasses solvency power of d-limonene, other terpenes and esters including soy methyl esters and dibasic esters, as measured on the Kauri-butanol (Kb) scale
  • Degreasing is up to two-to-three times more effective and quick in metal cleaning when compared to Aromatic 150, d-limonene, methyl soyate and other standard solvents
  • Provides excellent performance in non-mechanical immersion testing, outperforming Aromatic 150, d-limonene, methyl soyate and other standard solvents
  • Meets restrictive environmental requirements including VOC exempt (40 CFR 59.203 - Standards for consumer products), TSCA listed and REACh registered, California AQMD LVP-VOC, Readily biodegradable (by OECD method) and Non-flammable
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