Non-Locking AC-30 and AC-40 Actuators

The Southco AC-30 and AC-40 non-locking actuators provide direct, single or multipoint actuation in heavy-duty applications.

AC-30 non-locking actuator
AC-30 non-locking actuator
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Southco Inc. has recently launched non-locking versions of its AC-30 and AC-40 Actuator styles that provide quick, reliable actuation in heavy-duty applications.

  • Constructed of high-strength, corrosion-resistant materials
  • Well suited for rugged outdoor environments and interior applications
  • AC-30 features push button actuation and simple installation for applications where space is limited
  • AC-40 features large integrated handle and push button for easy actuation with a gloved hand
  • Available in locking and non-locking versions
  • Provides direct, single or multipoint actuation
  • Creates complete Rotary Latching System that provides secure, reliable remote latching for interior and exterior applications when combined with Southco R4 Rotary Latches and AC Cables 


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