Metallized Carbon Corporation Announces New Website

Vast array of products and new custom and pre-engineered bearings

Metallized Carbon Corporation, a manufacturer of oil-free, self-lubricating, carbon-graphite materials for severe service lubrication applications, announces the launch of its totally redesigned website. The new site, located at, contains an expansive range of Metcar’s engineered self-lubricating carbon/graphite products for pump, oven, conveyor, damper, petrochemical, and chemical processing applications. The site offers improved navigation, a complete range of products, an innovative and time saving new “design your own dryer bearing” feature, and a collection of pre-engineered bearings for specific shaft sizes.

The newly launched site also contains several articles on specific applications for modern mechanical carbon materials, including their use in aircraft seal applications and to ensure food safety and efficient production. The site also hosts a handy technical reference documenting material physical and chemical properties.

Visitors to the new site will find an extensive display of mechanical seals, bushings, self-aligning assemblies, sleeve and thrust bearings, vanes, rotors, electrical contacts, and brushes. Users can select from among a variety of categories, including custom bearings for dry running high and low temperature applications, custom bearings for submerged applications, custom mechanical seal rings, custom radial seal rings, carbon graphite machineable blanks, and custom vanes, rotors and end plates, among others.

The new “design your own custom dryer bearing” feature allows users to select from among a variety of materials and make choices on the design frame, bearing cartridge, and cartridge retainers. With more than a dozen different frame designs, a bearing assembly can be constructed to fit almost any OEM or customized board dryer or conveyor. When the choice of frames is combined with the wide array of bearing cartridge designs, literally dozens of combinations are possible.

The availability of pre-engineered bearings and bearing assembly products gives customers a vast array of standard products at their fingertips, speeding design time significantly. New website features are being added in the coming months, including audio and video files to illustrate specific applications.