PEEK Plastic Thrust Washers

The PEEK Plastic Thrust Washers from Minnesota Rubber and Plastics are highly resistant to thermal degradation.

Minnesotarubber Peekplasticthr 11188416

PEEK Plastic Thrust Washers molded by Minnesota Rubber and Plastics handle thermal expansion forces and are suited for use in a wide range of high performance applications.

  • Provides long operating life with chemical resistance and retention of mechanical properties up to 570 F (300 C)
  • Removes need for locating holes of aluminum components that required riveting
  • Features self-aligning extensions at each end that press quickly and accurately into the transmission assembly ring gears
  • Offers lower cost and requires less assembly time
  • Weighs 50% less than many metal components
  • Highly resistant to thermal degradation as well as attack by both organic and aqueous environments
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