Low-friction Waveseal Shaft-Sealing Solutions

SKF low-friction Waveseal shaft-sealing solutions feature specially molded radial lip design for optimized performance.

Skfwavese 10169186

SKF low-friction Waveseal shaft-sealing solutions feature a specially molded radial lip design that forms a sinusoidal, or wave, pattern around the shaft surface of rotating machinery.

  • Unique pattern allows lubricant to be pumped back to the bearings to promote optimized lubricant retention while sealing out contaminants
  • Effective alternative to conventional double-lip seals
  • Typical applications include gearboxes, electric motors, transmissions, drive systems, speed reducers, and pumps, among others.
  • The bi-rotational, hydrodynamic radial lip performs either way the shaft is turning and "hydroplanes" on a thin film of oil
  • Runs cooler by generating up to 35% less heat at the contact point (minimizing premature seal failure due to heat checking, blistering, hardening, or lubricant breakdown)
  • Generates 20% less friction torque, or drag; and provides enhanced lip lubrication.
  • More than 200 shaft sizes are available as standard from .250 to 12.250 in. and 12 to 280 mm
  • Wide selection of inner case, dust lip, and pressure profiles
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