SPEEDI-SLEEVE Radial Shaft Sealing

The next generation SKF SPEEDI-SLEEVE offers improved sealing system performance in a wide range of applications.

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An advanced version of SKF SPEEDI-SLEEVE that offers exceptional performance in radial shaft sealing applications is available from SKF. The next generation SKF SPEEDI-SLEEVE offers an enhanced sealing system performance with improved reliability and extended maintenance intervals, while enabling users to restore malfunctioning sealing systems without having to disassemble machines or regrind shafts.

  • Slips into position over worn shaft areas, providing effective sealing surface
  • Requires no labor-intensive disassembly or machining 
  • Contributes to reduced component lifecycle costs and increased Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) rates in many applications
  • Stainless steel composition offers increased strength and ductility, optimizing sealing surface and minimizing wear on sleeve and sealing lip during operation
  • Features 50% greater resistance to abrasive media and 30% reduction of wear on seal counterface compared with previous sleeve
  • Cover shaft diameters range from 11.99 to 203.33 mm (0.47 to 8 in.)
  • Available as SKF SPEEDI-SLEEVE Gold made for highly abrasive environments and applications with seals made of filled PTFE
  • Applications include industrial gearboxes, electrical equipment, off-highway construction and agricultural vehicles, and mining and mineral processing equipment 


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