Substrate Bonding To Rubber

Robinson Rubber has developed several solutions for bonding rubber to substrates for use in critical applications.

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Robinson Rubber Products, a designer, developer and manufacturer of custom-molded rubber products, extruded rubber products and precision rollers, has several capabilities to bond molded rubber components to your parts to deliver superior performance.

  • Can eliminate secondary operations and extra components, plus reduce weight and costs
  • Uses up to 20 engineering grade polymers and more than 1,500 unique formulations
  • Customizable formula using compound formulation and mixing capabilities provides solution to fit individual applications
  • Molds an appropriate rubber part directly to component, creating a part that is less likely to leak, crack or fail in the field
  • Works with substrate materials such as aluminum, bronze, carbon steel, glass-filled composites, mineral-filled composites, stainless steel and others
  • Bondable substrates include single or multiple component substrates that are die cast, injection molded, stamped, waterjet cut, CNC machined or wire formed
  • Able to bond rubber-to-metal-to-plastic-to-fabric combinations
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