Metcar Mechanical Seal Primary Rings and Seal Faces

Metallized Carbon Corp.'s line of mechanical seal rings and seal faces made from Metcar materials are corrosion resistant and self-lubricating.

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Metallized Carbon Corporation offers Metcar mechanical seal primary rings and seal faces manufactured to specifications using highly engineered carbon-graphite materials. 

  • Special film control additives are used to reduce wear rate of seal rings running in humid air, dry nitrogen and vacuum
  • Impervious to at least 100 psi gas pressure
  • For sealing liquids such as hot water, acids, alkalis, fuels, oils, heat transfer fluids, liquefied gases, solvents and gases such as air, hot air, steam, inert gases and dry nitrogen
  • Antimony impregnated grades offer high modulus of elasticity and self-lubricating properties, ideal for non-contacting, “lift off” seals
  • Dimensional tolerances as close as 0.0005 in. can be held and seal rings can be lapped and polished to one Helium light band flatness
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