SPEEDI-SLEEVE Radial Shaft Seals

SKF introduces the latest version of its SPEEDI-SLEEVE radial shaft seals designed to improve the lifespan and reliability of sealing systems.

Skf Speedi Sleeveshaftseals 10947007

SKF introduces an advanced version of its SKF SPEEDI-SLEEVE radial shaft seals, which help restore malfunctioning sealing systems without requiring machine disassembly or shaft regrinding. 

  • Provides enhanced sealing system performance, improved reliability and extended MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) for a wide range of applications
  • Features proprietary stainless steel material and manufacturing process offering increased strength and ductility
  • Minimizes wear on the sleeve and sealing lip during operation
  • Demonstrates 50% greater resistance to abrasive media than previous sleeve versions
  • Reduces wear on the seal counterface by approximately 30% compared with earlier versions
  • Standard sleeve sizes are available for shaft diameters from 11.99 mm/0.472 in. to 203.33 mm/8 in. 
  • Features easy installation without special equipment and can return shafts to service within minutes at a fraction of the cost of traditional reworking
  • Available in Gold versions featuring thin, metallic coating applied to the base stainless steel for increased durability for highly abrasive environments and/or applications integrating PTFE-filled seals
  • Custom solutions can be developed for demanding customer applications


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