Customized Machined Seals

SKF offers customized machined seals which can be made "on demand" to meet customers' specific application needs.

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SKF offers the capability to manufacture customized machined seals practically “on demand” to meet exact specifications required by OEM or maintenance-related applications. 

  • Virtually any type of rotating, reciprocating or static seal available
  • Unique sealing solutions can be tailored to particular application requirements
  • Can be made from wide variety of stock materials (such as rubber elastomers, polyurethanes, and thermoplastics)
  • Specialty materials available, such as SKF ECOPUR, a thermoplastic polyurethane exhibiting high abrasion resistance, low compression set, and strength
  • Additional options include materials complying with specific industry standards and regulations (such as FDA guidelines) and specially formulated proprietary materials
  • Customization capabilities and quick turnaround made possible by SKF SEAL JET technology, a CNC-controlled production system employing proprietary software and special cutting tools developed for machining different polymers
  • Continuous or molded one-piece seals can be machined up to 157 in. OD (outside diameter)
  • Larger versions can be developed using a welding technique allowing on-site fitting and promoting ideal seal performance
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