HDR-2C Rod Seal

The HDR-2C rod seal from Freudenberg-NOK provides stability at high pressures and flexibility at temperatures down to -50 C.

Freudenberg-NOK HDR-2C Rod Seal

Freudenberg-NOK Sealing Technologies' HDR-2C rod seal combines two distinct polyurethanes to provide special extrusion stability at high pressures and great flexibility at temperatures down to -50 C.

  • Handles stresses on different functional areas of rod seal
  • Groove ring combines advantages of two high-performance materials with different physical characteristics in just one element
  • Seal back is made from polyurethane 98 AU 928, a material with a hardness grade of 98 Shore A, which offers stability under high operation pressures
  • Seal lips made of polyurethane 92 AU 21100 have good dynamic sealing properties due to the material’s high elasticity and low compression set
  • Two-component technology offers improved performance range as well as easier installation
  • Features greater gap dimension tolerances and reliable use at operating pressures up to 500 bar
  • Provides high leak tightness in temperatures ranging from -50 to 110 C 
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