Customshaftcollars 10057332
Custom shaft collars from Stafford Mfg. Corp are engineered with specific aesthetic and functional design properties to match a wide range of industrial, medical, scientific, and commercial applications.
• Tolerances to 0.0005 in. if required
• Can be machined from aluminum, steel, stainless steels, medical- and high strength alloys, monel, inconel, Hastelloy, titanium, bronze, brass, Teflon and other plastics
• Available in 1/8 in. to 16 in. I.D. sizes with hex-, square-, metric-, radiused, keyed-, and threaded bores
• Can include one- or two-piece clamp-types and set screws, and incorporate snap- and O-ring grooves, magnetic inserts, and hinges, drilled and tapped face holes, and milled O.D.s
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