Turconstepsealv 10057351
Trelleborg Sealing Solutions introduces the Turcon Stepseal V engineered to prevent pressure from being trapped in even the most difficult arrangements.
• Incorporates a patented hydrostatic pressure relief system
• A machined valve groove ensures precise opening and closing of the relief channel
• Proprietary PTFE based material is enhanced with the Stepseal V's contoured rear chamfer for hydrodynamic back-pumping
• Temperature range from -45 to 200 C (-49 to 392 F)
• Operates at speeds up to 15 m/s (49 ft./s)
• Reciprocating movements and frequencies up to 5 Hz in pressures up to 80 MPa (800 bar or 11600 psi)
• Can be fitted in bore diameters up to 2700 mm (8 ft. 10 in.) and rod diameters up to 2600 mm (8 ft. 6 in.)
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