Turcon Stepseal 2K

Turconstepseal2k 10057355
Turcon Stepseal 2K for piston and rod sealing from Trelleborg Sealing Solutions enhances sealing efficiency with better extrusion resistance for superior leakage control and larger hardware tolerances, making cylinder production more economic.
• Available in nine different compounds
• High static and dynamic sealing effect
• High extrusion resistance to suit wide hardware clearances
• Low friction increases performance and working life
• High abrasion resistance, maximum operational reliability
• High resistance to chemicals
• Simple installation without seal edge deformation
• Available for rod diameters up to 2600 mm (102 in.)
• Available for bore diameters up to 2700 mm (106 in.)
• Operating pressure up to 80 MPa (800 bar, 11600 psi)
• Operating speed up to 15 m/s (49 ft/sec) with reciprocating movements, frequency up to 5 Hz
• Operating temperatures of -45 to 200 C (-49 to 392 F)
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