Freudenberg-NOK Sealing Technologies Levitorque Thrust Washers

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Freudenberg Sealing Technologies showcases the Levitorque low-friction transmission thrust washer designed to save fuel, lower emissions and extend the operating life of industrial powertrains.

  • Relies on the principles of hydrodynamic oil film technology, designed to create a surface on which a bearing can roll, or a load can be applied
  • Traditional thrust washers are made from metals, but Levitorque uses proprietary thermoplastic or thermoset alternatives that allow engineers to replace heavy, torque robbing, metal thrust washers
  • Material helps reduce weight, decrease friction, improve thickness/flatness control, and often provides a cost benefit to the customer
  • Company’s proprietary DTRA (Design Tool for Rotary Application) software can simulate how thrust washer designs will behave in unique applications, decreasing development time and cost
  • Company has developed thrust washer validation test rigs that can be outfitted for dry and lubricated testing
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