Freudenberg CASSETTE-S4 Seals for Wheel Hubs and Undercarriages

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The Freudenberg CASSETTE-S4 seal solution for construction and agriculture mobile machinery wheel hubs and undercarriage applications was developed to exceed performance in harsh operating conditions.

  • Sealing function and tailored contamination protection, combined in one single part
  • All functional parts of the seal (sealing lip, optimized lip working surface, dirt exclusion lips, dedicated counter-surfaces and internal lubrication) are protected inside the closed design—reduces number of components to be managed and reduces risk of accidental damage during handling and assembly
  • Shaft machining and surface finishing requirements are much lower than standard sealing solutions: cassette-to-shaft contact is limited to static sealing function
  • No wear traces on the shaft during operation, no rework nor repositioning needed during service 
  • Plug and play; easy to install and replace

Static sealing function:

  • OD: rubber + metal (typically)
  • ID: full rubber

Dynamic sealing function:

  • Freudenberg lip design with proprietary material according to given application conditions
  • Optimized seal working surface

Dirt exclusion function:

  • Standard steel and stainless steel external cover
  • Five internal dust lips
  • Lifetime internal lubrication
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