Webb Wheel newsletter provides information on proper wheel end installation

Webb Wheel's OEM Business Unit has published its Q2 newsletter which provides information on how to properly mount wheel ends on outboard brake drums.

Webb Q2 Newsletter
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The OEM Business Unit of Webb Wheel has published its Q2 newsletter containing information about the proper wheel end installation procedures for mounting outboard brake drums onto piloted hubs. Webb advises in the newsletter that the consequences of not following this procedure can damage both the hub and drum resulting in premature failures. 
The Webb Wheel OEM Q2 2014 newsletter explains how the hub is to be rotated with a brake drum pilot in the 12 o’clock position with proper stud tightening procedure and torque values outlined ensuring that the total indicated run out (TIR) of the drum braking surface to the axle center line does not exceed 0.020 in. The one-page newsletter is an excellent training resource for new technicians as well as a reference tool for anyone responsible for wheel-end installations.