Trelleborg Load Calculator app now available in 13 languages

Trelleborg's Load Calculator app is now available for all mobile devices and in 13 languages, including Chinese.

Trelleborg Load Calculator App

Trelleborg has further extended its digital offering for agricultural tires with the launch of its “TLC – Trelleborg Load Calculator” app for use on iOS and Android smartphones. It is now available for all mobile devices and operating systems in 13 languages, including Chinese. Trelleborg is the first global player in the agricultural industry to develop a professional app targeted to the Chinese market in its local language.

The app aids in the calculation of the optimum tire inflation pressure on agricultural machines according to different applications. It enables the precise calculation of a tractor’s load per axle in order to determine the optimal tire inflation pressure for specific farming operations.

Lorenzo Ciferri, Marketing Director Agricultural & Forestry Tires Trelleborg Wheel Systems, says, “Field trials prove that by applying the pressures recommended by our TLC, farmers can save up to $5,600 when working 500 hectares. The overall reduction of operating time is as much as 12%. Therefore, the total variable farming costs, such as fuel consumption and maintenance costs, decrease by more than 25%. Furthermore, utilizing a lower tire pressure significantly reduces the soil compaction and preserves the field’s potential, drastically increasing crop yields in terms of output and quality.

“Modern agriculture and the increasing need for productivity mean that farming professionals are becoming fully aware of the latest tools, solutions and services available to them. As such, following the success of the 'TLC – Trelleborg Load Calculator' app for tablets and desktops that has already reached more than 15,000 downloads, we decided to extend the availability of the app to all mobile devices and across the globe, including in China.

“China is one of Trelleborg’s key markets and agriculture is projected to grow strongly over the next few years. Making our TLC app available in Chinese reinforces our strategy to establish a solid online communication platform dedicated to the local market, helping Chinese farmers upgrade their agricultural operations to higher productivity standards.”   

The “TLC – Trelleborg Load Calculator” is available for desktops, tablets and smartphones in 13 languages. It can be downloaded from the Apple store, Google Play and the Trelleborg Wheel Systems website.