Miami-Dade County orders additional hybrid refuse trucks with Parker’s RunWise system

Miami-Dade county has ordered 29 more hybrid refuse trucks featuring Parker Hannifin's RunWise Advanced Series Hybrid Drive System, bringing its total fleet to 64.

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Parker Hannifin Corporation, the global leader in motion and control technologies, announces that Miami-Dade County, FL, placed its third order for Autocar E3 hybrid refuse trucks that feature Parker’s fuel-saving RunWise Advanced Series Hybrid Drive System. The additional purchase of 29 new hybrid trucks brings the total fleet to 64 and emphasizes Miami-Dade’s commitment to saving taxpayers money through efficient technology that reduces fuel consumption up to 50%.

With more than 1 million miles of operation, the RunWise-equipped refuse trucks capture more than 71% of a vehicle’s otherwise lost braking energy, which can save up to 4,300 gallons of fuel per year, per truck.

“Miami-Dade’s repeat orders prove that this technology works and continues to cut costs and reduce emissions for the county,” says Shane Terblanche, General Manager, Hybrid Drive Systems at Parker Hannifin. “We are encouraged by the positive feedback on RunWise’s environmental and operational results from Miami-Dade, which is among more than 30 other municipalities across the U.S. benefiting from our technology.”

The RunWise hybrid drive system increases productivity and reduces downtime by accumulating energy from the vehicle's braking system to power the truck each time it accelerates. RunWise’s unique advanced series drive system is the only offering on the market that reduces noise pollution and emissions.

“The new orders coming in for our Autocar E3 trucks with RunWise technology validate the significant savings and reduced emissions that are benefiting municipalities across the country,” says Trevor Bridges, Autocar's Vice President of Powertrain & Strategies. “We look forward to providing more customers like Miami-Dade with best-in-class, clean technology for their refuse fleets.”

The Autocar E3 equipped with RunWise technology is also available to waste management companies on a rent-to-own basis through Big Truck Rental. With trucks in 30 cities across the U.S., RunWise is the nation’s leader in hydraulic hybrid technology. The RunWise version of the Autocar refuse trucks operate in Miami-Dade County and several other municipalities around the country, including Orlando, FL, Sacramento, CA, Tacoma, WA, and Houston and Austin, TX.