Meritor using Mechanical Simulation Corp. simulator to test, evaluate and demonstrate safety systems

Meritor and Meritor WABCO are using Mechanical Simulation Corp.'s QuadDS simulator to test and evaluate its technologies, as well as demonstrate their capabilities at various events.

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Mechanical Simulation Corporation delivered a reconfigurable engineering driving simulator to Meritor and Meritor WABCO. The QuadDS driving simulator features Mechanical Simulation's flagship vehicle simulation software product - TruckSim for Driving Simulators. The simulator will be used by the two organizations as a tool to test, evaluate and demonstrate innovative mechanical modifications and adaptive control systems at trade shows and technical conferences.

The QuadDS simulator debuted at the American Trucking Associations (ATA) Management Conference and was used to demonstrate the advantages of Electronic Stability Control (ESC) in a commercial trucking application. At a click of a button the ESC could be enabled so drivers could experience the benefits of the system.

The following week the simulator was reconfigured to demonstrate the advantages of Meritor's ProTec suspension upgrade kit for FMTV military vehicles at the AUSA Annual Meeting in Washington D.C. In this scenario drivers compared the vehicle's standard solid axle suspension with Meritor's fully independent suspension kit while driving in a custom designed, 3D military scene that included rural roads, an interactive military base, realistic traffic vehicles. 

"The QuadDS proved to be the perfect tool for demonstrating complex technologies to a large number of customers and potential partners," says Bob McGinnis - Mechanical Simulation Senior Account Manager. "Since the QuadDS runs TruckSim, customers immediately understand that the driving simulator is a true engineering tool based on validated physics."