Fendt Introduces 800 Vario Series Tractors with Twin Charger Design

Fendt's new 800 Vario Series tractors feature a twin charger design for improved performance and efficiency, and will be on display at bauma 2016.

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The Fendt 800 Vario Series tractors are the absolute bestsellers and market leaders in Western and Central Europe in the over 200 hp segment. The 800 Series tractors prove their power, efficiency, robustness and overall productivity in tough civil engineering operations.

More dynamics through twin charger design

Fendt places special emphasis on comprehensive driving safety and dynamics. The precisely coordinated drivetrain, spontaneous power delivery, increased driving and braking stability, further optimized steering behavior and numerous assist and safety systems – all these facilitate the operator’s work and impart a completely new driving sensation. This is achieved through a ground-breaking, efficient overall design concept.

Thanks to two different-sized turbochargers, which are connected in series, as well as an additional charge-air intercooler, the new 6-cylinder engines deliver impressive dynamics, robustness and efficiency. Twin charging optimizes power output and fuel consumption in the low speed range. The cooling effect of the additional intercooler ensures improved combustion and fuel efficiency. The best overall concept includes sophisticated engine and transmission oil cooling systems, as well as one-part steel pistons, which promise maximum stability and durability. A special innovation is the front window wiper with a broad 300-degree wiping angle. This gives operators an unobstructed view to the wheel arches and the front mounting area for the first time. Together with the heated, bonded front window, available as an option in laminated security glass, operators experience even greater stability, driving safety and comfort. Further detail improvements include the lockable bonnet, which also has a significantly larger opening angle for improved access.

Fendt SCR with passive DPF and EGR

The Fendt tractors from the 800 Vario Series comply with the EU Stage IV/Tier 4 Final emissions standards. For this the agricultural equipment manufacturer has further developed the SCR technology, where exhaust is aftertreated with AdBlue urea solution, with the addition of a passive particulate filter and exhaust gas recirculation. In combination with the sophisticated engine technology, Fendt SCR with passive diesel particulate filter (DPF) offers a technically high-level and efficient, fuel-saving solution, where passive regeneration is carried out without requiring an additional injection of fuel into the exhaust line.

Smart hydraulics with low energy concept

The hydraulic system is one of the key systems for the efficiency of a tractor. At the same time it is one of the biggest energy consumers in the whole system. Up until now, the power steering pump, a constant pump, provided the pressure for the hydraulic system. In the new Fendt 800 Vario tractors, this task is now done by a new, very efficient displacement pump, which only delivers as much pressure as is really required. This system also contributes to the fuel-saving overall design concept.

More traction, less soil compaction and higher driving safety: New VarioGrip tyre pressure regulation system

Horsepower means nothing, if it is not transferred to the ground. No other manufacturer offers the comprehensive productivity benefits of VarioGrip, a tire pressure regulation system fully integrated in the vehicle, which is available as an option for the 800 Vario. It ensures higher traction, lower rolling resistance, lower fuel requirement, as well as significantly higher driving safety on the road. This proprietary, patented design promises fast filling of the tire through a high-capacity compressor, guarantees a long lifetime and operational reliability and also prevents the pressure lines from breaking away. At the same time, there is less pressure exerted on the soil, which in turn promotes soil fertility. This means better water permeability, good aeration and, last but not least, a healthy soil life. Furthermore, with VarioGrip, operators have up to 15% more traction with the same amount of horsepower. This means, for example, that operators with a 828 Vario have the same pulling capacity available to them as that of up to 40 hp stronger vehicles that do not have this technology. VarioGrip is conveniently controlled using the Variotronic; two values can be set per axle.

Cab and ride comfort like a passenger car

Fendt offers perfect working conditions with the modern X5 cab, which the company has now optimized in the new high-horsepower tractor family. The FendtReaction steering system, which has already received much praise in many comparisons, has been further refined with new steering servo valve coordination and now provides improved straight-ahead driving, more agility and comfort in changing driving situations.

Enhanced ride comfort includes the air-conditioning system, which has higher cooling capacity and, at the same time, lower fuel consumption, as well as the optionally available VarioActive superimposed steering system, which halves the number of steering wheel turns and offers steering service like that of a passenger car. Furthermore, automatic dimming via light sensors provides pleasant illumination of the operating elements and therefore optimal readability of all instruments. Audible clicking of the blinker provides higher driving safety. The driver seat with external compressed air supply is also new. Through the use of the vehicle’s compressed air compressor, an internal compressor is no longer necessary and there is no noise when pumping up the seat. The radiator is automatically cleaned through the optionally available reversible fan, which makes maintenance much easier.

The Variotronic operating interface from Fendt, which integrates all functions, such as tractor and implement controls, camera functions, documentation and guidance, has new innovative enhancements and has gained in attractiveness and versatility. In the 10.4-B variant, it now sports a smartphone look with a scratch-proof glass front, LED backlighting and significantly improved readability. Furthermore, Bluetooth power, with which operators can transfer the tractor and job data wirelessly to the field database in the office, has been increased four-fold.

New electronic assist systems, such as the automatic SectionControl with up to 24 sections, the new entry-level VarioGuide light guidance system, the AGCOMMAND telemetry system, the VarioDoc Pro documentation system, which logs field data, fuel consumption and working time in the background or the automatic maximum output control 2.0 for perfect engine and transmission management, ensure that the new high-horsepower tractors set milestones in productivity.

The task: even more efficiency - fine coordination makes the difference               

The new Fendt tractors are available with 220-280 hp in the 800 Vario power class. During their development and design, AGCO/Fendt implemented countless technical measures, which all serve one goal: to improve efficiency and productivity. In practice that means lower fuel consumption per hectare and hour and therefore lower costs. From the very first day and over the entire service life. The focus here lies on the optimum fine coordination of countless individual measures.