TII Group Debuts New Transport Technology at bauma 2016

A maintenance-free independent suspension and SPMT with continuously extendable width up to 6.40 m are among the new products TII Group introduced at bauma.

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At bauma 2016, the TII Group – comprising SCHEUERLE, NICOLAS, KAMAG and TRATEC – attracted a lot of attention with a wide range of innovations. Technological leadership is the group´s recipe for success – the new vehicle technologies introduced at bauma 2016 are correspondingly groundbreaking for the industry as a whole. The first maintenance-free independent suspension for heavy-duty operations, a Self Propelled Modular Transporter (SPMT) with a continuously extendable width of up to 6.40 m, an additional drive system (PowerBooster) for modular vehicles with 1,000 hp or a foldable Dual Lane Trailer which can be loaded onto a standard truck for empty runs  – the list of impressive innovations is long.

The central focus of the TII Group's fair presentation was on specific customer benefits – regardless whether it concerned maintenance-free operations in road transportation, simplified approval processes, time savings and process reliability during SPMT operations or cost savings and increased safety during the use of the PowerBooster vehicles.

"Successfully combining proven and innovative products thus giving our customers an edge over their competitors – this is the idea behind the vehicles that we presented at the bauma," says Bernd Schwengsbier, President TII Sales. "The maintenance-free EuroAxle independent suspension and the continuously extendable SPMT Split are the best examples of this. While the competition are still waiting or their vehicles are being modified, our customers are already dealing with the next transport job and thus increasing vehicle utilization. Correspondingly high was the demand – we sold numerous vehicles directly at our stand."

Andreas Kohler, Technical Managing Director at SCHEUERLE and KAMAG, likewise sees confirmation for the strategic orientation through the new developments exhibited at bauma. "Reliability along with total cost of ownership were the big issues for the industry at this year's bauma. Naturally, our new products really hit the mark. Not only the maintenance-free independent suspension but also the PowerBooster additional drive system, with which we have had so much experience like no other provider, guarantee absolute reliability and cost savings in use."