MAN Truck & Bus Displays Vehicles for Forestry Applications at KWF-Expo

Technologies on display at KWF-Expo will include MAN's HydroDrive for improved traction over rough terrain.

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At the KWF-Expo trade fair in Roding (Bavaria) from June 9-12, 2016, MAN Truck & Bus presents various trucks for the timber industry and forestry applications. KWF-Expo is regarded as one of the largest and most important international trade events in forestry. This year, again more than 50,000 visitors are expected from around the industry.

Vehicles used in the timber industry and forestry have a demanding job to cope with: the tough terrain and enormous loads to manage make timber transport a challenge of extreme magnitude. "These vehicles must mainly operate on unpaved forest and gravel roads as well as narrow mountain roads with tight curves to handle. This is further complicated by the load itself, the weight of which can vary particularly strongly according to different wood species, diameter and degree of moisture of the logs," explains John-David Schnackenberg, manager in charge for the traction segment at MAN Truck & Bus. "Thanks to its broad product range, MAN is best suited for all these applications."

Throughout the entire transport chain, powerful, robust and reliable vehicles are required that at the same time offer a great deal of versatility as well. For timber and forestry contractors, the MAN range includes standard vehicles capable of efficiently covering long distances and equipped with traction assist features such as MAN HydroDrive if necessary. MAN vehicles for the timber and forestry industry, as well as the new D26 and D38 engines and much more, are available for professional visitors to view at MAN’s stand (No. A3-325) at KWF-Expo.

One of more than 500 exhibitors from more than 25 countries, MAN Truck & Bus presents its latest vehicle models for the industry on the hundred-hectare field and forest area accommodating the KWF-Expo. Professionals visiting the event can have their questions answered by MAN’s industry and vehicle body manufacturer management experts.

MAN truck highlights at the KWF-Expo 2016:

  • Short-log hauling with MAN HydroDrive
  • Short-log hauling with the MAN TGX equipped with a D38 engine
  • MAN vehicles throughout the value chain, for example as wood chippers or as roll-off skip loaders for transporting woodchips