ZF eTRAC Driveline System for Electric Vehicles

The ZF eTRAC driveline system extends continuous performance up to 42 kW and an operating voltage of 650V.

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ZF has developed the eTRAC driveline system for use in compact equipment such as loaders, mini dumpers or telehandlers which are a promising segment in the area of electromobility. 

  • Features 48V e-motor, enabling equipment to fall under the Low Voltage Directive
  • Low voltage offers benefits in terms of safety components and vehicle maintenance
  • Consists of e-motor and transmission developed specifically for applications using actual measurement data from conventional equipment, allowing for greater levels of cycle efficiency and avoiding the need for load reduction (derating) of components
  • Uses liquid cooling medium for e-motor and power electronics to ensure consistent and lasting performance
  • E-motor and hydraulic pump make up the electro-hydraulics system
  • High levels of system efficiency are guaranteed, and the drivetrain can be combined with standard ZF axles
  • Extends continuous performance up to 42 kW and operating voltage of 650V
  • For machines with an unladen weight of up to 8 t
  • Uses new, high-speed transmission to complement the ZF modular kit

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