Cummins X15 Performance Series to be Paired with Endurant XD 18-Speed Transmission

Pairing of the engine and new transmission will benefit high-horsepower applications

X15 P Xd Endurant
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Cummins Inc. announces the next-generation of integrated power that will benefit high-horsepower applications, the Cummins X15 Performance Series and the Endurant XD 18-speed transmission.

Building upon the proven powertrain integration of the Cummins X15 Efficiency Series and Endurant powertrain, the X15 Performance Series and Endurant XD powertrain is optimized for high gross combined weight on-highway and severe on- and off-highway applications, with full application coverage to be announced at a later date. Available starting in 2021, the Cummins X15 and Endurant XD is currently going through extensive field tests and validation.

“The newest integrated powertrain from Eaton Cummins Automated Transmissions Technologies delivers a versatile powertrain, gives professional operators tailored configurations that meet their needs, and allows the newest drivers to simply get in and go. The Eaton Cummins Automated Transmissions Technologies develops products with the proven process of deeply integrated customer councils, which provides key insights, input and feedback," said J. Michael Taylor, General Manager, Global Powertrain Integration,Cummins Inc.

The Endurant XD automated transmission features 18 forward speeds and up to six reverse speeds. A high-capacity bottom 8-bolt and rear power take-off provisions are offered as standard equipment, providing customers with flexibility for final equipment design and the ability to power necessary accessories. A transmission oil cooler provision is available when required.

The Endurant XD heavy-duty transmission.The Endurant XD heavy-duty transmission.

When combined with the X15 Performance Series, the toughest applications and duty cycles can now benefit from a truly integrated automated powertrain. With the strongest engine brake in the industry, the new 18-speed powertrain will reduce the amount of stress placed on service brakes.