HAWE TractionDrive Hydrostatic Auxiliary Drive

The HAWE TractionDrive improves off-road traction and increases payload capacity for trucks.

Traction Drive
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The HAWE TractionDrive is a compact and powerful hydrostatic auxiliary drive for trucks or semi-trailers. 

  • Prevents the truck drive axle from spinning on unpaved ground and increases the traction and directional stability of the semitrailer train
  • Saves up to 750 kg (1,653.5 lbs.) in weight compared to a mechanical 4x4, which is available to the fleet operator to increase payload
  • Decoupled without loss at speeds higher than 22 km/h (13.7 mph)
  • Control system regulates the tractive force, wheel slip and speed
  • Provides good traction in the field, on snow, and in slush
  • Can also be used for comfortable shunting operations during which time the vehicle can be driven up to 15 km/h (9.3 mph) purely hydrostatically while the transmission is in neutral
  • Operated intuitively via a turn-push controller and a display placed in the vehicle dashboard
  • Available for original equipment or retrofit installation

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